10 week Mindfulness meditation course



Have you ever thought of starting up a regular meditation practice but know you'd like some support?   

Have you been introduced to Mindfulness and Meditation in the past, but would like some support to get back into the practice in a supportive, group, community environment?  

Do you need to some support getting back into a regular meditation practice?  

OR, Do you already have a regular meditation practice, but really enjoy being in a group; sharing wisdom, connecting with others, and continuing your journey of self discovery and connection through Mindfulness and Meditation?  

Wherever you are on your Mindfulness and Meditation journey, this 10 week course is an opportunity learn, practice and immerse yourself in weekly sessions and support you to make Mindfulness and Meditation part of your everyday life. 


Tuesday evenings

7:30 -8:30pm

Selby (exact address given upon booking)

Investment: $150 for 10 sessions. $20 per session for casual attendance.

The Course

The benefit of meditating in a group is that you receive that extra power of being a part of something. There is a palpable connection within the group, which allows you to go deeper and feel a greater sense of belonging and oneness with each other. Through sharing our learnings and experiences (all optional), we also learn from each other and realise that we are not alone. That our experiences are shared. 

Sessions with guide you through the foundations of Mindfulness Meditation with a focus on your Body, Breath, Sounds, cultivating a curious, open and friendly attention to what is here.   

Sessions will expand to include Mindfulness of Emotions and Feelings, integrating powerful practices of Self Compassion and Lovingkindness and building a sense of safety and acceptance with ourselves and our experiences.  

We will also learn to bring mindful, non judgmental awareness to our thoughts and learn to let go of our thinking and rest in a state of open awareness.  

You will be supported through some of the common challenges of meditation and learn to adopt a non-striving, friendly approach to your meditation experience.  

The benefits of Mindfulness Meditation are well researched. The impact a regular practice can have on your mental, emotional and physical health are extensive.  

I'd love for you to experience these benefits for yourself.

Book your place...

Contact me at anna@ubuntuwellness.com.au or 0413 603 660.